Jesus eats with tax collectors and puts on weight

Jesus, Saturday December 16, AD 29

Another week, another Sabbath, another run-in with the Pharisees.  The relaunched mission is still going well, but I’m wondering about doing a tour soon to speed up the spread of the word.  The man I spoke to last week about his possessed daughter said he had arrived home to find her cured.  He was delighted and grateful, but for the Pharisees it was further evidence of my contempt for God’s law.

I’ve started to put on a bit of weight.  All the rich men and tax collectors in town seem to be vying to have me as their guest and produce the most sumptuous feast.  As always I tell them and their guests to turn away from their evil ways and give all their wealth to the poor, and while they obviously find my words difficult to accept, they’re always incredibly supportive.

They might not actually sell absolutely everything but they have made some generous donations to the mission, and I know more help is available if I need it in future.  I’m doing a much more useful job saving sinners like these than preaching to poor people who have led blameless, boring lives, and it winds the Pharisees up too.  But I don’t judge: I would accept an offer of dinner from a Pharisee if one came my way.

Still no word from Mary or Tom, but I know Mary will come when she’s ready.