Mary considers her position #divorce

Mary Magdalene, Sunday December 17, 29CE

I need to think about rejoining Jesus soon.  Cyrus has plenty to do here, and I want to get away before he says any more about getting a divorce.  Jesus and I have happily lived apart for years without thinking about divorce, and now I want to get closer to my husband, not further away.  As Cyrus is the paying tenant now, I’ve moved into the spare room and let him keep the master bedroom.  He’s been very good and has not laid a finger on me since Wednesday.

Simon slept for two days and finally woke up on Friday, saying he felt much better.  He managed to get outside to the toilet but then felt faint and had to come back in again.  He had some bread and water and went back to bed to sleep through the Sabbath.  Today he’s been walking around the yard in the sun and fresh air, and he seems to be recovering well.

The servants haven’t said anything but some of them will have seen him.  They know who he is and what he believes, and they will have seen his bandages and heard the news from Bethsaida, so it’s a big risk to us all for him to remain here for long.