Sick again

Jesus, Sunday December 31, 29 CE

Sunday 30th December

Mary was sick again this morning.  She was fine yesterday so it can’t be something she ate, unless she keeps eating something bad every night.  She didn’t seem keen to be exorcised but I insisted.  After a while she convulsed and then relaxed, and I could sense a demon coming out of her.  She was better after that.

Tom and Peter came to me and suggested we start touring the area more ourselves instead of relying on others to spread the word.  They’re right.  Apart from anything else, I’m starting to become unpopular here.  It seems to happen eventually wherever I am.  You’d think people would be more grateful for being saved.  We agreed to start with some of the local towns and villages and see how it goes.  Peter has got most of his old spirit back since Tom arrived.  They’ve never got on that well personally but when they compete constructively it’s good for them and the entire team.