Thomas, Saturday January 6, 30 CE

Went to the synagogue with Mary M this morning (ie Mary of Magdala – simpler than writing Jesus’ wife all the time) leaving Mary B at the house.  MM said she really likes it but never goes at the same time as Jesus in case she cramps his style (or, more likely, he embarrasses her).  She joined in the psalms with a strong and clear singing voice but said nothing when the scriptures were discussed.  She listened intently though, nodding her head vigorously in agreement and frequently shaking it hard too.  It was like being with a silent Jesus.

Fortunately hardly anyone knew she was Jesus’ wife or I was his best friend, so we weren’t set upon by the waiting pack of Pharisees.  They did a lot of looking round and whispering, followed by a lot of looking downcast when their prey failed to show.