Jesus, Wednesday January 10, AD 30 #pharisees

We arrived back in Bethany this afternoon after a good week’s preaching and exorcism in the area around Gibeah, to the north of here.  The word about us had already reached them but people respond much better when they see you in the flesh.  I could have come back with dozens of new followers, all having sold all their worldly goods, but I didn’t want a repeat of the camp at Magdala.  Instead I encouraged them to form communities in their own villages and promised to return soon.

We were in Gibeah itself for the Sabbath and had sport in the synagogue.  There are so many Pharisees in this part of Judea, and they are so full of their own virtue, and they so hate being contradicted despite being so obviously wrong so much of the time.  They weren’t ready for me on this occasion but it won’t be so easy next time.