More touring, more cursing, more banquets

Thomas, Tuesday January 16, 30 CE

There must be over a dozen towns in this region to the south of Jerusalem, so even at one a day we’d be pressed to visit them all.  It never quite works out as evenly as that, because some places don’t make you welcome, so you only stop long enough for a quick curse and sandal-shake, while in other places people compete to be seen entertaining us and we could easily stay for days.

What God will do when the tax collectors become as arrogant about their ability to please him by repenting of their ways as the Pharisees are about their virtuousness, he alone knows, but I’m starting to get confused.  We can’t let ourselves be seen as on the side of the bad guys.

Anyway, we had another banquet tonight and we’ve been invited out elsewhere in the same town tomorrow, so that’s slowed the tour down again.