Thomas, Sunday January 28, 30 CE

Hannah was shocked but pleased to see us tonight.  I quickly reassured her that everything was all right, then told her the reason for our journey.

“So everything’s not all right really,” said Hannah.

“No, not really, but no one’s actually sick or dead,” I said.

“Only because I haven’t caught up with him yet,” said Mary.

“And Mary’s been a bit sick actually,” I said, immediately regretting it.

Mary glared at me and changed the subject back to Cyrus.  Hannah had eaten and the kids were in bed, so Mary and I ate a little stale bread and washed it down with some water and half a cup of wine, which was all there was till morning.  The three of us chatted for perhaps an hour, then the two women went to bed, leaving me to do what they called my scribbling. Mary will continue to Magdala tomorrow but I’ll stay here another day to see everyone and make sure everything’s all right before following her.