Mary Magdalene, Tuesday January 30

I didn’t get my lie-in.  The bailiff hammered on the door at the exact minute the sun rose.  I was so angry I demanded to see his papers and planned to read every word before even considering letting him in.  He was so unprepared that he had nothing more than a piece of papyrus with my name and address scribbled on it, and was so surprised that he didn’t try to bully me, a mere woman.  I sent him away to do his job properly but he’ll  be back in the morning, probably with reinforcements.

Fortunately Tom arrived shortly after sunset, having made fast progress on a cool but bright January day.  I treated him to a good meal of fish, meat and fruit as well as bread, but we drank no wine.  We have a lot of reading to do tonight.  I sent the servants to bed early with strict instructions to be up early and ready to repel any unwanted visitors.

Sheol!  What’s that racket?  They’re breaking the door down!  But they’re not allowed to enter property at night time.  Time to stop writing and stand up for myself.  Thank God Tom and the servants are here to support me.