Jesus, Friday February 9

I arrived back at Bethany last night to find that my wife had gone back to Magdala accompanied by Tom, Simon had deserted the advance party for the next phase of the mission to chase after Mary and Tom, and Cyrus had turned out to be more complex and less wholesome than we had thought.

It was a huge relief to find my diaries exactly where I had left them.  I couldn’t go round recording everything I did when out touring, but it’s comforting to catch up now and again, especially when so much has been happening.

I plan to stay here for the Sabbath and then get out on the road again early in the week.  Time is short and there are too many towns to visit.  I will have to rely on God to guide us to the places that most deserve to see us, and hope that others will spread the word to places I can’t visit personally.

If I find the advance party has already visited a town when I get to it, I will offer to move on.  If they are ready for more good news from me, of course I’ll be willing to stay, provided someone will feed and house me and the remaining apostles.  The rest of the followers can camp out as usual.