Thomas, Saturday February 10

Been in Magdala over a week now and there hasn’t been any more trouble. I’m going back to Nazareth tomorrow to spend some time with Hannah, then I really must rejoin Jesus for his final trip to Jerusalem.  That makes it sound like he’ll come to a bad end there or something, but all I mean is that provided the Son of Man does actually turn up on his thundercloud this time, there will be no more preaching tours ever again.

Simon will stay with us overnight and travel onward in the morning to rejoin the tour.  He should find them easily enough.  Admittedly there are several other teachers out there trying to build a following, but no one quite does it like Jesus.

Mary has given me a food parcel and some money to take.  I said we’d be OK but she insisted, after the help I’ve given her.  I didn’t expect a reward but it’s comforting to have a new patron, even if it’s only temporary.