Mary Magdalene, Sunday February 11

Tom left this morning.  He’s a genuinely good man.  He may not be a spiritual leader or a man of business, but he’s caring, thoughtful and honest.  Honest enough to admit he doesn’t necessarily believe what everyone else does.  Honest enough to stand out from the crowd, rather than join a group of like-minded people who all agree they stand out from the crowd.  Simon went with him.  He’s a good man too, if a bit too willing to use violence against those who don’t fit his definition of goodness.

My sickness has almost gone now, so next time I see Jesus he won’t need to bother me about it.  He should notice the bump soon, but not for another two or three months at least.  I just really hope and pray it’s not Cyrus’s.  If it’s a boy and it grows up with a sense of its own importance…then either one could still be the father.  I’d need to see if he wanted to save the world or do deals with it.

I hope it’s a girl.  We women have a hard life unless we have a privileged background, but I’ve not done too badly. I would have to ensure I passed on my money and property to my daughter and she received a good education.

I’m seriously considering going to Jerusalem myself for the Passover.  I might see if any other women want to come with me for company.