Jesus, Wednesday February 14

Simon arrived in Bethany late this evening with the news from Magdala.  I was so pleased to hear that Mary was all right and she hadn’t lost any of her property.  Not that she’ll need it soon anyway, but it was still a big relief.

Then he shocked me with an outrageous suggestion that my wife might be pregnant.  I explained how she had failed to conceive despite the best efforts of man and God, and that he must be mistaken.  I told him never to mention the subject to me or anyone ever again.

He also said that Tom might come and join us in the next few weeks.  I really must get back on tour tomorrow and can’t hang around for Tom, but we all keep coming back here to our base in Bethany so we’ll soon find each other.  I meant to get away at the start of this week but two different rich men implored me to stay and be their dinner guest, so that was Sunday and Tuesday spoken for.  They both contributed generously to our funds and invited plenty of bad people to dinner who wanted their sins forgiven.  I’m convinced I’m doing the right thing giving tax collectors and prostitutes a chance to join us in the new Kingdom.  It’s always a little awkward when you forgive sinners during dinner, because the rich men can’t exactly move on to having sex with the prostitutes afterwards.  Usually what happens is they leave early and walk the reformed prostitutes home, which is really nice.

Anyway, I’m due up at sunrise and Simon’s coming with me, so time to hide the diaries away again.