Jesus’ mother writes him a heartfelt letter


Friday September 1st

My dear Jesus

You are my firstborn son and I will always love you very much, but you can be so irritating when you sit around the house all day while others are working, and I’m beginning to find this constant talk of the end of the age a little wearing.  However, your mission is doing really well and I don’t want to be seen as the disapproving mother, so I will put my thoughts down in a letter instead of confronting you.   

I really wish you would take a break from his mission, which is making you very anxious and tired all the time, and do something else, but I appreciate that saving the world is important to you.

I’d like to ask you if your father and I and your his brothers and sisters and their families are going to be saved, but I can never find the right moment.  Surely you wouldn’t desert us, but you often act as if you’ve disowned us so I can’t be sure.  I have to say I find it difficult to believe you have any real knowledge of when the new age will arrive, or how God will recognise you as his agent on earth, and I hope you know what you’re doing.  I’m very proud of you, but you’re still only my baby Jesus.  Still only a poor kid from Nazareth.

As you can tell, my thoughts and feelings about all this are a bit jumbled up.  I just hope you know what you are doing and that you don’t end up making a complete fool of yourself.

From your loving mother…