Ancient diaries rewrite Gospel story

Ancient diaries discovered under a Roman theatre in Malaga, Spain, challenge the stories told by the Bible’s myth-laden Gospels which were written 30 to 60 years after the death of Christ.

Inside a large sealed stone jar were bundles of papyrus sheets, perfectly preserved. The main writings were in Greek, the rest in Aramaic, Hebrew and Latin. From the style, archaeologists realised they were diaries from two millenia ago, deliberately hidden for safety at the edge of the known world.

The diaries cover the final year in the life of Jesus, a small town preacher who believes the world is about to end and wants to save it.  Best friend Tom is doubtful but volunteers as campaign manager out of loyalty.  With Tom controlling the message and Jesus mastering the skills of a spiritual leader and healer they attract a large following.  But when frictions build between the disciples and Jesus starts openly goading the ruling elite, the end doesn’t quite come as expected.

Follow these eyewitness accounts in real time, almost 2000 years since they were first written. The diaries build into a full length novel.  Save this link and keep up with developments (almost) every day.

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