Thomas, Wednesday 3 May

Haven’t camped out under the stars like this since I was a boy.  There are hundreds, maybe thousands of people here, all having walked miles like we did, ready to catch John the Baptist when he starts preaching in the morning.  I need to get some sleep now.  I eventually managed to negotiate a half day off work, though I will have to make it up.  We Ruth and Sam with Mary and walked here with Jesus.  Joseph came along too and brought his doves in their little cage.  Mary encouraged him to go so she didn’t have to look after him as well as the kids, and I wanted him along anyway.  My feet are a bit sore and dusty but otherwise I’m fine, and Hannah is more excited than I’ve seen her in years.  I hadn’t quite realised what an effect a good speaker can have on people.  Dad was supposed to be coming along to join us but I haven’t seen him yet.  I hope he’s all right.